Founder, Metaverse for Good

    Roger has over 30 years of international communications experience; that means – that when he started his career – press releases were delivered by Royal Mail.  He transitioned to the fax (a ‘real game-changer’) and subsequently email (‘this will never catch on..’) before the Web made its arrival.

    Roger was fortunate to work on one of the UK’s first ‘point of presences’ (POP) located in Cambridge, before helping to communicate various industry milestones from Freeserve’s (‘semi-unlimited’, ‘up to a point’, ‘be reasonable!’…) dial up Internet service, to the launch of Intel’s Itanium 64bit architecture and the age of Software as a Service.

    So, while he awaits for the fax to make its triumphant return (‘I keep my ‘I told you so’ speech constantly updated’), Roger continues his quest to communicate the latest technology in a manner that users and those who would benefit most, would understand.

    Roger has worked in Europe, Asia and Latin America and currently manages a PR firm based in Sao Paulo specializing in the region.

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