Founder, Metaverse for Good

    Jonathan has over 25 years’ experience working with technology companies in the internet and web sectors to build global brands that inspire trust.  During 15 years at Edelman as Global Vice Chairman responsible for technology, he developed methodologies to use purpose to drive both marketing and business development to rapidly grow and protect reputation globally.

    This experience covered three generations of Web, starting with Microsoft during the 2000s with the need to develop trust around online activity.  In the next generation of the Web, he worked with brands such as Linkedin, Airbnb and Box to articulate the revolution in engagement due to social media and cloud.

    Importantly, developing strong purpose and visionary narratives to define and drive the rapid business growth.  Since 2016 he has always brought this approach to Web3 models including the launches of Cardano and BlockOne, consulting with Bitmain and BitMex, and is currently Head of ESG and Developmnent with CreDA pioneering new inclusive credit models.

    In 2015 he co-founded Blockchain for Good (now rebranded Metaverse4Good) to pioneer ESG solutions in Web3. He has advised ICANN and the Web Science Trust on the original Web 3.0 vision (2011) and in 2015 co-founded Blockchain for Good (now rebranded Metaverse4Good), to pioneer ESG solutions in Web3.  He also works with NGO stop the Traffik and INSEAD on AI and Blockchain solutions for human trafficking.  Currently Jon is a part of The Times Pro Web3 Centre of Excellence focusing on DeFI.  A graduate of Sorbonne (DESS) and Durham Universities, he has lived in the UK, US, Singapore, France and Italy during his international career and is a passionate believer in multi-cultural solutions.

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